Digital safety

Online security

Why Is the ‘S’ in HTTPS Important?

The ‘s’ on the end of https is important for online security. Here’s a short tutorial showing you why.

What Do Online Cookies Do?

Cookies monitor your activity on the web. They have positive and negative characteristics.

Password basics

Online Security Using Two-Factor Authentication

A new security method uses two separate parts: a password and a PIN code (usually sent to your phone).

Using Password Management Software

New programs help you maintain passwords on multiple devices. Remember one password, and the software keeps you keep track of everything else.

Creating Strong Passwords

How to create passwords that have a fighting chance against hackers.

Privacy settings

How to Use Location Settings on a Smartphone

Location settings enable you to control whether and how your phone tracks your location. This tutorial covers both iPhone and Android devices.

How to Manage Your Privacy Settings on Instagram

Choosing the right privacy setting on Instagram depends on what you would like to do with your account.

How to Manage Privacy Settings on Facebook

Privacy settings change frequently on Facebook and require regular monitoring.

Wireless and mobile security

How to Set up a Medical ID on Your iPhone

Here’s a short tutorial showing how to set up a Medical ID on an iPhone.

How to Place an Entry Password on Your Phone

An entry password makes it more difficult for someone to use your phone without your knowledge.

Using WiFi at Home and in Public Spaces

How to adjust the way you use WiFi in various kinds of spaces.