Rebecca Herbert, Livable Meck, Charlotte, Mecklenburg County

Rebecca Herbert

Community Engagement and Strategy Manager

Livable Meck

1. What is the mission of Livable Meck?

Livable Meck is dedicated to protecting and enhancing the community’s quality of life especially as we look to gaining a million more residents by 2030. Livable Meck is a public-private partnership. We have over 115 different organizations including the City of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, the towns, private businesses, and nonprofits. And again, we’re dedicated to protecting and enriching the quality of life in our community.

2. Why is digital inclusion important to Livable Meck?

So, digital inclusion is huge when we think about how are we now and how will we be in the future. It involves how people receive healthcare services, how folks educate their children, apply for jobs and goes hand-in-hand with livability. So it was important for Liveable Meck to collaborate with digital inclusion on educating our partners about the issue and really calling them to action how they can contribute to the issue and expand access and equity when it comes to digital inclusion.

3. What does a digitally inclusive community look like to you?

So, a digitally inclusive community looks like one where there are no longer barriers to services, there are no more barriers to how folks get information to manage chronic conditions, there are no more barriers for how families receive health care even in emergency situations. So, we’ve removed those barriers so that everyone has access and the same opportunities.