Larken Egleston

Larken Egleston

City Councilman

District 1, City of Charlotte

Why is digital literacy important?

I think the more people we can get literate in the technological world, the more opportunity we’re going to have, individually and collectively.

What’s the relationship between economic mobility and digital inclusion?

The jobs that we want people to be able to achieve will create a better life for people than their parents might have. Those jobs are going to require an understanding of technology and an understanding of the digital world.

How can the government use technology to better engage its citizens?

The city of Charlotte in particular has done a lot to try to create new pathways for citizens to engage with the government and to access the services that the government provides. Facebook Live is going to be used to transmit the meetings that we have at the government center each week. It’s a new way for people to, not only watch, but engage with the work that we’re doing.

What is Charlotte doing to overcome the digital divide?

The first step is admitting you have a problem. I think Charlotte knows it has an upward mobility problem, it knows it has a digital divide, a digital gap problem, but there are both public and private efforts underway to try and tackle that problem.

What is Charlotte’s future in digital inclusion?

I’m encouraged by the efforts that are being made and by the progress that we’re making towards our ultimate goal of making sure Charlotte is a place where everybody has an opportunity to be connected and to be engaged and share in those opportunities.