Jim Kimbler, Charlotte Village Network, Charlotte

Jim Kimbler


Charlotte Village Network

1. Why is digital inclusion important to Charlotte senior citizens?

Probably the single most important issue related to digital inclusion for seniors is orientation. There are many opportunities in Charlotte but most seniors don’t know where they are. They haven’t had the need to find them and once they do find them, they understand what a leap that they can take in terms of improving their quality of life. Many seniors have recently moved here for retirement or following millennial children so, they’re not as familiar with our city as they are with the city that they came from. So we’re here to help them find those things and facilitate getting access to the things that they need on a daily basis.

2. What are some organizations that support digital literacy in Charlotte?

There are so many places that offer better digital access and enhancements but one in particular that I really like is Shepherd Center. It’s a non-profit and they are constantly offering classes in smartphones and iPads, the things that lots of seniors get as Christmas presents but they don’t necessarily know how to use them so there’s that educational aspect. I’m a big fan of the Charlotte Library system because they have lots of educational opportunities not only online but in the libraries themselves. So it may be what you feel like is a very narrow focus but the library probably has some kind of educational opportunity on that interest area of yours.