Garrett Tichy


Hygge Coworking

1. How digitally literate are the people in your coworking space?

The digital literacy of Hygge members, I would say, it’s all over the board and that’s because we have a pretty broad and diverse community. We have age 21 to age 68 and with that comes an incredible gap in just knowledge and expertise and skills. You have the young side, the millennial generation, that has grown up with technology and understands every last little bit of it and then you have this older generation that’s changing in almost the way they operate, in the way they work, and taking on new jobs. And actually, we have multiple that that are starting businesses and now have, instead of being given access to all this technology, have to create their own access. It’s actually quite fascinating.

2. What does a digitally inclusive Charlotte look like?

So when I think about just digital connectivity as a whole and as someone that that feels quite privileged to have access to just about anything they want. I think it is really ensuring that, and it’s kind of the way we treat everything here at Hygge, is an ecosystem filled with like-minded people is not really valuable. So when I think about providing access to the Internet, or anything technology, we only bring more people into an ecosystem which makes that ecosystem even stronger. That’s huge. Do I think it’s happening here in Charlotte? I think it’s getting better but I think there’s a massive amount of room to improve that.