Dr. John A. McArthur

Don Michael

Senior Program Coordinator

Learning Technology Services of Central Piedmont Community College

1. Why is digital inclusion important to CPCC?

Digital Inclusion should be a major part of what we should be involved with at the CPCC because it does actually have a direct connection to education. We are trying to find ways to make digital inclusion work for the systems that we have here. For example, we have a class that we’re redesigning – I’ll call it refurbishing the class so that we can teach digital literacy. And the purpose behind that is asking the question before student arrives, finding out where is your level of digital literacy.

2. Why is testing for digital literacy relevant?

When you test for digital literacy, what you do is you get a picture of a student so that you can see their skill sets for instance, sometimes an instructor will say that students not performing well in class and it isn’t the content that’s the issue. It’s actually the fact that they can’t manage or navigate file management or they can’t navigate or manage Microsoft Word and but what shows up in the grade is low performance in say, English, or math, or whatever. And so we want to ask that question, it’s similar to sort of old-school teaching technique, that when a student’s not performing well, you might want to find out if they need glasses.

3. What do you think Charlotte needs?

If I had a wish list in terms of Charlotte, a wish list to help digital inclusion thrive, I would definitely say that we need to make sure that everybody gets access – period