Charlene Keys, Spectrum

Charlene Keys

Area Vice President of Operations


1. How can more people obtain internet connectivity?

We recently launched a product in Spectrum internet services that really focuses on giving low-income families and seniors a price point where they can afford our internet services, and that’s really the key.

2. Why is digital inclusion important?

We want to ensure that everyone throughout our country has access to the technology and that they understand how to use the technology, and that they can leverage it so that it affords them far greater opportunity.

3. How is progress going on addressing the digital divide?

We’re not only making sure that it is available in the areas that we serve, but as we continue to expand our serving areas we’re expanding those opportunities to people who live in those areas to have access to high-speed Internet. We also want to make sure as we partner with non-profit organizations throughout those serving communities that we’re also participating in, helping to give the tools.