Andrew Au

Andrew Au

Director of Operations

Digital Charlotte

1. What are you doing towards Digital Inclusion in Charlotte?

As the Director of Operations for Queens Knight School, I have a unique role for Digital Charlotte where I work with the Charlotte community and with students of the Knight School.

I organize bi-monthly meetups for Digital Charlotte where we have panel discussions on topics relating to the digital divide. Additionally, I send out monthly newsletters to digital inclusion stakeholders (that includes YOU) in Charlotte with news to know, upcoming events, and featured resources.

2. Why are you working towards Digital Inclusion in Charlotte?

In one of my previous jobs, I worked and lived in a refugee neighborhood off Central Ave in East Charlotte. During my time there, I saw and experienced firsthand the digital divide with the families living in the neighborhood.

There were many times kids and adults knocked on my door to ask if I could help them set-up their new internet service or even to help them create a powerpoint presentation for their homework.

Being a part of these digital divide moments only motivates me further to work towards a solution where the city of Charlotte can provide resources and training to anyone looking to learn to be more digitally competent.

3. What does a digitally connected community look like to you?

A digitally connected community is simple in my mind. It means that people will use technology and digital tools to connect with one another in easier ways. Being digitally connected doesn’t mean people becoming more isolated but in actuality, technology should be a means to bring everyone closer and providing ways for people to come together.