• Account

    a user’s personal access to his or her information within a service or app. Often secured by a username and password

  • Android

    operating system available on a variety of devices including Samsung and HTC

  • App (Application)

    unit of downloadable software that performs a specific function. Some are available for free while others come with a cost.

  • App store

    an online market to purchase and download apps for Apple devices running iOS

  • Browser

    a software application (such as Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, or Mozilla Firefox) that allows users to access the Internet

  • Cloud

    online information storage system (for example: iCloud) associated with an account that can be accessed on multiple devices

  • Data

    amount of information an electronic device can store or access

  • Download

    the copying of information from another source to your personal device

  • Email provider

    a service (such as Gmail) that provides access to email capabilities for customers

  • Facebook

    a social network that allows users to connect with other users, post content, and interact with content online. Facebook has the most users of all social networks around the world

  • Facebook Messenger

    a messaging service built into Facebook that allows users to share text, images, and videos with one or more Facebook users privately. You do not need to be friends with a user to send them a message

  • Facetime

    an online messaging tool for iOS devices that allows people to communicate through text, audio, or video

  • Friend

    another Facebook user whom you connect with

  • Gmail

    email service provided by Google

  • Google Play

    an online market to purchase and download apps, music, videos, and other media for Android devices

  • Hardware

    physical features and devices (such as a mouse or camera) that improve the capabilities of a computer or device

  • Home screen

    a central location on your mobile device where apps and other features can be accessed. Normally, there is a specific button on your device to return you to the home screen

  • Hot spot

    a geographic location with a wireless Internet connection. Can be private (protected by a password) or public

  • Icon

    small simple graphic used to identify information such as an app

  • Import

    (see upload and download)

  • iOS

    operating system provided by Apple for iPhones, Macs, and all other Apple devices

  • IT (Information Technology)

    services and products that involve the transfer and storage of electronic information

  • iTunes

    an online market to purchase and download music, videos, and other entertainment media for Apple devices running iOS

  • Like

    public approval of or agreement with a Facebook post

  • Log off/log out

    to sign off or out of an account to prevent other people from gaining access to the account

  • Log on/log in

    to enter a username and password to gain access to an account

  • Malware

    harmful software that can slow down or harm your computer or mobile device

  • Message

    to send text, images, or other content with Facebook users through Facebook Messenger

  • Network provider

    company that provides Internet and phone service to customers (for example: AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile)

  • Newsfeed

    screen on the Facebook app that shows you what other Facebook users have recently posted. Normally, this is the first screen you will see in your Facebook app

  • Notification

    an announcement that an update has occurred or that something has changed

  • Operating system

    the software on a device (for example: Android or iOS) that serves as the platform for all functions

  • Password

    word or phrase that can normally contain letters, numbers, and certain other characters (such as $, &, or_) that are used with a username to secure access to certain services or information

  • Post/Status

    an update a user publishes on Facebook with his or her friends that can contain text, images, links, or videos

  • Power cord

    cable that allows you to connect your phone to your computer. One end should have a USB and the other will be specific to your device

  • Progress bar

    a graphic used to show how far through a process a program is. Often used to show how far you are through a download or upload

  • Settings

    preferences you can set for how an app or program will work on your device

  • Share

    the copying and spreading of information on a social network

  • Skype

    an online messaging tool that allows people to communicate through text, audio, or video

  • Smartphone

    a mobile phone that is able to access the Internet and run apps in order to function similarly to a computer. Often smartphones will have a touchscreen

  • Social network

    a service that allows users to post personal updates and create or maintain relationships with other people

  • Software

    programs and apps that are stored on your device’s hard drive

  • Sync

    synchronize. Updating information on your phone and/or computer to ensure all information is accessible on all devices

  • Tag

    to add information (such as a location or a user) to content in a post or picture

  • Timeline

    a list of all of a particular user’s Facebook posts in chronological order

  • Unfriend

    when you end a relationship and sever a connection with another Facebook user

  • Uninstall

    to completely remove a program or app from your device

  • Upload

    the copying of information from your personal device to another source such as a social network

  • USB

    Universal Storage Bus. The end of a device or cord that connects to a computer. A USB is often found with power cords, storage drives, and wireless mice

  • Username

    a created name to identify a user’s account online. Often a username is accompanied by a password to secure access to an account’s information

  • Webcam

    camera built into phones and computers that face the user. Often used for video calling and recording

  • Wi-Fi

    Wireless Internet

  • Window

    a panel of information, often with options for you to click