Digital Navigator Hubspot Academy

To get started on our Digital Navigator Ticketing System, you’ll need to complete the Service Hub lessons from Hubspot Academy. To sign up for Hubspot Academy, please follow the steps listed below:


  • On this page, you’ll click on the orange button on the top right that says, “Sign up for free courses”

  • On the next page, you’ll fill out the text boxes to sign up for a “free Academy account”
    • You can use your own email for this part and do not need a specifc email address from Digital Charlotte

  • Complete Hubspot’s create account process

  • After you log in, you’ll be prompted to answer some additional questions. I’m adding pictures here to show you what you can type and select:

  • After getting to the Hubspot Academy page, take these Service Hub lessons:
    • Foundations of Service Hub Starter
    • Using Tickets in HubSpot
    • Setting up Tickets

If you have any questions about these Hubspot Academy lessons and/or need more clarity on the signup steps, please email Andrew Au at