Computer lab

Digital Charlotte can provide resources to partner organizations ranging from volunteers to curriculum to computer labs.

Digital Charlotte’s computer labs are located at the James L. Knight School of Communication at Queens. The computer labs are available to our partner organizations to use towards digital inclusion projects and training in Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

Interested in our computer lab?

Go to our “Contact us” page and fill out the Partner form for more information about requesting the computer lab for your digital inclusion efforts.

Email Andrew Au at with any questions about the computer lab. 

Portable Computer Lab

The Portable Computer Lab (PCL) brings the training benefit of a computer lab and the portability of laptop and tablet devices to give organizations and individuals the opportunity to reach communities and neighborhoods that lack these resources. The PCL creates a full computer classroom experience anywhere complete with computer devices and internet access.

Digital Charlotte can also provide a curriculum of hands-on guided learning experiences that can focus on helping people to learn how to use a computer and how to connect and use the Internet. 

What’s available?

  • 32 Dell Microsoft Laptops and power cords
  • 22 Apple iPad and power cords
  • 10 Verizon WiFi Hotspots
  • 4 Surge protectors
  • 4 HDMI cables
  • 4 VGA cables
  • 1 Video Projector and stand
  • 1 Projector Screen
  • 6 Backpacks
  • 6 heavy-duty Pelican computer cases

Knight-Crane Convergence Lab

The Knight-Crane Convergence Lab is a Mac computer lab and classroom located at the Queens Knight School of Communication. The Convergence Lab space can serve organizations, trainers, and practitioners working to close the digital divide. This lab can be used for  training, conference meetings, and work days

What’s available

  • 20 24-inch iMac computers
  • Multimedia production software
  • including Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects, and Final Cut Pro.
  • LCD projection and Smart board technology
  • Videoconferencing capability