Digital Charlotte Program Accelerator

Alvin C. Jacobs Jr @acjphoto © All Rights Reserved 2016


To bring together students, community members, and organizations in support of increasing access to digital literacy training opportunities in Mecklenburg County.


Empower community organizations to deliver digital and media literacy training to their communities.

Program Narrative:

Building on previous cohorts the Digital Charlotte Program Accelerator, Cohort 4 seeks to better support community organizations ability to deliver digital and media literacy training to their communities. The past three cohorts have paired Knight School of Communication students with community organizations to deliver a 6-week digital literacy basic course to their communities. The first two cohorts have provided valuable feedback on improvements that can be made to make this a marquee program supporting the digital and media literacy needs of our community partners.

To accomplish this goal, in partnership with Google Fiber and the Knight School of Communication, Digital Charlotte will launch a $60,000 Program Accelerator. The program will provide chosen community organizations awards that help provide:

  • Project coordination from the Digital Charlotte and Google Fiber team
  • A paid lead trainer to run a 6-week digital literacy course
  • At least 2 Knight School students to serve as teaching assistants at each organization for 6-week program
  • A $1000 cash award to cover administrative cost of supporting this program
  • Certificate of completion for program participants
  • A laptop as incentive to participants who complete the program
  • Google for nonprofits training to support organizational development

5 community organizations will be chosen to participate per cohort.

Alvin C. Jacobs Jr @acjphoto © All Rights Reserved 2016


Organization Responsibilities:

This award is designed to spur activity that can be sustained by the receiving organization. Each chosen organization will commit to:

  • Provide an internal champion to act as point person for all communication and reporting
    • Additionally provide a co-facilitator for trainings. *This can be the same as the internal champion*
  • Space to convene for the digital and media literacy trainings
  • Commitment to recruit 8-12 participants
  • Commitment to investigate pathways to institutionalizing digital literacy programing in service delivery portfolio
  • Participating in 3 partner convenings
    • Program kickoff
    • Mid-term check-in
    • Post-program evaluation and review
  • Timely completion of all participant evaluation forms
  • Commitment to leveraging communication networks to share information about the program and help recruiting next cohort of organizations